Persona Milestones

The First 10 Years! Click here to read the Western Business School, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada, on Persona GLOBAL’s first ten years!


  • Persona GLOBAL (PG) Winter Conference 2016 held in PG’s headquarters in Sausalito, CA featuring the Storytelling for Leaders Public Workshop. 
  • Persona GLOBAL attends the annual ATD conference in Denver, CO, where we exclusively sponsored the Dragon Night and co-sponsored major events:
    • International Reception
    • International Orientation
    • Global Village
    • International Partner/Delegation Reception
    • International Coffee Break Station
    • International Recognition Award
    • Latin American Night
  • The Persona GLOBAL team made major formatting and design changes in The Persuassive Communicator (PC) materials and surveys. 
  • Persona GLOBAL launches new program workbook designs with a more innovative and attractive look
  • The PG team celebrates the launching of Persona GLOBAL Latin America with an office in Mexico City.
  • The PG team organizes our 38th International Conference in Paris
  • We welcomed Sandra Herriot to the PG family as our new Executive Vice President of Global Business!


  • We led Leadership™ (LE), and Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process certification (BC) workshops in Shanghai, China.
  • We led Leadership™ (LE), Team Building (TB), Cooperation & Beyond (CB), Successful Negotiator™ (SN), Emotional Capability Profile (ECP), Resilience (R), Performance Leadership Profile (PLP), The Persuasive Salesperson™ (PS) and Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process (BC) certification workshops in Milan, Italy.
  • Persona GLOBAL was a Co-Sponsor of the International Global Village and an exclusive sponsor of Dragon Night at the ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition in Orlando, Florida.
  • Persona GLOBAL Italy and China had established in 2015.
  • Leadership (LE) had a new look and Feel online user interface and assessment.
  • PC Gameplan mobile application was available in iPhone.
  • We published the Persona GLOBAL New Brochure and NEW flyer.
  • Persona GLOBAL Spain led the Organizational Alignment Survey (OAS) certification workshop in Barcelona, Spain.
  • We led the Leadership (LE) and The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) certification workshop for our new partner in Chengdu, China.
  • We led the Performance Leadership Profile (PLP), Employee Experience Survey (EES) and Customer Experience Management+ (CEM+) certification workshops in Seoul, Korea.
  • We introduced Persona GLOBAL Indonesia.
  • 200+ people attended the Storytelling for Leaders (SFL) Launch Event on November 17th in Shanghai, China.
  • Persona GLOBAL certified our newest Emotional Capability Profile (ECP) trainers in Shanghai, China.
  • Persona GLOBAL certified 2 master Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) trainers in Shanghai, China.
  • We updated our program materials to a new and more innovative design and layout.
  • Persona GLOBAL website now available in Spanish.


  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ and Leadership certification workshops for our new partner in Shenzhen, China.
  • Persona GLOBAL was a Co-Sponsor of the International Global Village at the ASTD 2014 International Conference & Exposition.
  • Persona GLOBAL’s 36th Annual International Conference was held in September 2014, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Storytelling for Leaders, Resilience, Direct Leadership™, and FreeRunner Simulation Program were announced in the conference. 12 trainers were certified!
  • We led The Persuasive Salesperson (PS) and Sales Competency Assessment™ (SCA) certification workshops in Hong Kong.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) and Transition to Management™ (TTM) certification workshops in Shanghai, China.
  • The Persuasive Communicator™ workshop received a 91% evaluation rating from Saudi Arabia Airlines.
  • Manum Consulting Group, one of our partners in Spain, worked with Bayer and Almirall on a product launch.
  • Persona GLOBAL Peru had established in 2014.
  • The Emotional Capability Profile had a new value-added workshop, Resilience: Overcoming Stress & Fatigue.
  • The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) and Cooperation & Beyond (CB) online user interfaces and assessments had a new look with updated layout graphics and font.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) and Organizational Alignment™ (OAS) in certification workshops in Milano, Italy.


  • Persona GLOBAL’s 34th Annual International Conference was held in Sausalito, California, February 2013.   11 trainers certified in 34th conference.
  • The article, Competency is Not Enough. Go Beyond, written by the president of Persona GLOBAL, Jon Gornstein, was published on Chief Learning Officer®.
  • Persona GLOBAL participated in the annual ASTD conference in Dallas, Texas.
  • The first time in 15 years that Persona GLOBAL has had the opportunity to be a sponsor of the International Global Village in ASTD. Over 2,100 delegates from 80 countries viewed Persona GLOBAL’s logo and received information about our services and our partners’ services!
  • Persona GLOBAL announced the new 3D simulation program, Professional Presentation Live.
  • Persona GLOBAL received an award for high quality partnership and mutual support at MMM Consulting Int’l’s 10th Anniversary, Bucharest in February 28th 2013.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™, Organizational Alignment Survey™ and Emotional Capability Profile certification workshop in Lausanne, Switzerland.
  • We led Mentoring and Coaching certification workshop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
  • We led Mentoring and Coaching certification workshop in Shanghai, China.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ and Professional Presentation Live certification workshops in India.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ certification workshop in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • We led PRIDE and The Persuasive Communicator™ certification workshops in Tokyo, Japan.
  • We led the Management Action Profile™ certification workshop for our new partner in Shanghai, China.
  • We led Emotional Capability Profile (ECP), Leadership Equity Assessment™ (LEA), and
  • The Persuasive Communicator™ (PC) certification workshops in Dammam, Saudi Arabia.
  • We led The Persuasive Communicator™ certification training at Persona Consulting Nordic Oy, Helsinki, Finland.
  • Persona GLOBAL announced a new methodology, Inspiring Leader Breakthrough in the 35th annual conference in Zurich. 10 conference trainers certified.
  • 6 new partners from China, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Switzerland.


  • Persona GLOBAL announces, the 24th Annual International Conference will be held in February 2013, in Sausalito, California.
  • Jon Gornstein lead The Persuasive CommunicatorTM certification workshop for Persona GLOBAL’s new Partner BIRC in Moscow, Russia.
  • Persona GLOBAL España celebrates its 3rd birthday!
  • Persona GLOBAL celebrates its 32nd Birthday!
  • Delegates from over twenty countries attend Persona GLOBAL’s 33rd Annual International Conference in Athens, Greece. Cracking the Sales Management Code, Building a High Performance Team and Chronos are released at the conference.
  • 3 New partners from Egypt , Saudi Arabia and Russia.
  • Persuasive Communicator Gameplan iPad is available in Arabic, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Serbian, and Spanish  languages.
  • Persona GLOBAL’s Headquarters moved to a new office!
  • Participation in the 16th annual ASTD conference in Colorado, Denver.
  • Persona GLOBAL conducts the first of many Successful Negotiator workshops for Abbott, Laboratories. Later in the year, workshops were held in China, Taiwan & Singapore. Abbott, Laboratories and the new AbbVie are continuing to offer the Successful Negotiator in 2013 in the US and Asia.
  • Persona GLOBAL’s IT department automates various features of the BINGO game for The Persuasive CommunicatorTM and Successful Negotiator workshops for the users’ convenience.


  • Launch of new and improved comprehensive Persona GLOBAL Sales Presentation.
  • New layout and design for survey reports, Leader Guides and Participant Manuals
  • Participation in the 15th annual ASTD conference in Orlando, Florida.
  • Nomination of Persuasive Communicator as most successful sales tool in Danone International Sales Competition.
  • Launch of Organizational Engagement Assessment solution and surveys, authored by Dr. Donald Tosti.
  • Launch of Breakthrough Account Analysis solution and survey, authored by Dr. Marty Wikoff.
  • Launch of state-of-the-art presentation solution using 3D technology: Professional Presentation 'Live'.
  • Launch of Persuasive Communicator Gameplan mobile phone application.
  • Launch of Persuasive Communicator Bingo computer learning tool.
  • 4 new partners from Canada, China, Italy and Lebanon.
  • 4 PG branded offices: Persona GLOBAL Maroc, Persona GLOBAL Peru, Persona GLOBAL Germany and Persona GLOBAL Romania.
  • 32nd annual Persona GLOBAL International Conference held at the Condes de Barcelona hotel in Barcelona, Spain.


  • Annual International Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.
  • Launch of the Persona Assessment Center's Sub-Partner feature enabling Persona partners to generate profit via downline business.
  • Vice President of Client IT Support, Quan Lieu, is awarded for 19 years of dedicated service to Persona GLOBAL.
  • Launch of social media on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 
  • Launch of Persona GLOBAL Blog
  • 8 New Partners from 7 countires including Nigeria, Czech Republic, India, Indonesia, Serbia, Greece, and Ukraine.
  • IT equipment upgrade at Persona headquarters in Sausalito.
  • Launch of Point Incentive Plan as a system to reward those Persona partners who contribute the most to our mutual success.


  • Major Re-formatting and Updating of Survey tools and courseware
  • 30th Persona GLOBAL ® International Conference in Paris, France.
  • New Persona GLOBAL ® partnership in Poland and Latvia
  • New program introduced: Leadership Equity AssessmentTM (LEA)
  • 16 New Partners including Canada, Germany, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Tunisia
  • Launched: Persona GLOBAL Spain and Persona GLOBAL Russia
  • New survey tools: Leadership Equity AssessmentTM; M@GICTM; and Project Management 360TM 
  • Partnership creates job website in France: using PASportTM Profiling 


  • Persona GLOBAL ® moves headquarters to downtown Sausalito.
  • New Partners in Singapore, Venezuela, Brazil, Mexico, Dubai, Romania, and Serbia.
  • New website design with added graphics and layout.
  • 29th Persona GLOBAL ® International Conference held in Budapest, Hungary.
  • New Persona GLOBAL® partnership in Istanbul, Turkey
  • New software EspressoTM is released.
  • New program M@GICTM is announced.


  • Paradigma integrates with Epise, Spain
  • New Partners in Venezuela, Argentina, Hungary, Mexico, Switzerland, Chile, Latvia, Colombia, China, Brazil, South Africa, and France.
  • New layout and design of several participant manuals and leader's guides
  • 28th Persona GLOBAL® International Conference held in Viareggio, Ital


  • Singapore office becomes Asia Pacific Headquarters led by Paul Stuart, the appointed Managing Director of the region.
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Silveira was the first person worldwide virtually trained and certified in one of our best-selling performance solutions, The Persuasive CommunicatorTM.
  • New Partners in Brazil, Columbia, Denmark, Mexico, Turkey and the United States.
  • 27th  Persona GLOBAL® International Conference held in San Francisco, California.


  • 26th Persona GLOBAL® International Conference in Shanghai, China. The conference draws respondents from 17 countries.
  • New partners added to the expanding global network of strategic partnerships representing Portugal, Mexico, and the United States.
  • Persona GLOBAL® delivers two new performance solutions to its clients and partners: Emotional Capability ProfileTM and Performance Leadership ProfileTM.


  • Persona GLOBAL® Latin America Office opens in Florida, USA., led by Mr. Eduardo Esteves, Managing Director of LAO.
  • New Licensees in Italy, Singapore, Korea, Poland, the Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).
  • Introduced three new programs at the Sintra Conference: Customer Experience Management PlusTM, Execution SurveyTM, and Talent Management ProcessTM.


  • Persona Consulting International opens an office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, headed by Ms. Gina Yeo.
  • New website design with more value added features.
  • The Persona Hotline is launched, enabling Persona GLOBAL® practitioners to network, generate leads, and increase sales.


  • Persona GLOBAL® featured in World Business Review on PBS North America, CNBC Europe and Asia One TV.
  • Persona GLOBAL new branding image and redesign of corporate brochure.


  • Ground breaking survey by Dr. Matsumoto Ph.D., directly links Organizational Alignment SurveyTM (OAS), as a predictor of business results.
  • Persona GLOBAL® International Conference in Nice, France.
  • Launch of the Persona Assessment Center (PAC) a 24/7 online Assessment service.
  • Launch of the Project Management 360ºTM methodology, authored by Francois Pham
  • 20th Anniversary Celebration at the Banker’s Club in San Francisco.
  • Persona GLOBAL® International Conference in Tiburon, California.
  • Focus on growth of E-business and its effects on Persona’s Network.
  • Dr. Tosti’s presentation of case studies relating to: Leadership, Professional Manager, Organizational Agility and Customer Value Analysis.
  • Launch of Sales Competency SurveyTM and Management Action ProfileTM, authored by Francois Pham and Jean-Benoit Parat.


  • Mentoring and CoachingTM program methodology is developed by Motorola University based on Persona’s Communication Style Model.
  • Persona GLOBAL® International Conference in Salvador, Brazil.


  • Open’Act becomes Persona’s European Headquarters in Paris, France.
  • New Licensee in Brazil, Argentina and further expansion in Japan.


  • Persona GLOBAL® International Conference in Lake Tahoe, California.
  • Launch of Partnering methodology, the Customer Value SurveyTM (CVS), and Organizational Agility SurveyTM (OA), authored by Dr. Donald Tosti and Stephanie Jackson.
  • New Licensee's established in Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Portugal and Belgium.
  • Felix Lehani retires as Managing Director of Persona’s European Headquarters after 15 years.
  • First Web presence and marketing tool
  • Dr. Matsumoto validated the Persuasive Communication MethodologyTM, Social Styles Model for England, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and USA.
  • Persona GLOBAL® Paris Regional Conference.
  • Launch of the Professional ManagerTM and LeadershipTM performance solutions, authored by Dr. Donald Tosti and Stephanie Jackson.


  • Regional Conference in Mexico.
  • International Conference in Tiburon, California.
  • First Licensee established in Chile.


  • OAS projects - Inchcape, U.K. with Shaun Smith and Statoil project, Norway with Stig Ellingsen.


  • International Conference in San Francisco, California.
    - Launch of the Organizational Alignment Survey (OAS) methodology, authored by Shaun Smith.
    - Launch of Cooperation & Beyond methodology, authored by Bob Parker and John Carlisle.
    - Launch of Pride: Building High Performance Teams methodology, authored Dr. Martin Wikoff.
  • First OAS, Organizational Alignment Survey project, implemented in Europe with Toyota.
  • David Lewin joins the Persona Team.
  • John Mauro becomes Asian Director based in Singapore.


  • Lippobank Project facilitated by Thomas Frisbie and Patrick Holland in Indonesia.
  • Dr. Martin Wikoff PhD, joins the Persona team as Executive Vice President and acting Chief Consultant.
  • First licensee in Greece established.
  • New licensee established in France.


  • New Cooperation and Beyond product
  • Pan-European Project for Henkel’s Key Account Management division.
  • Introduction of Fast Feedback Processing Program, now available to licensees. 
  • Establishment of Persona’s subsidiary company, PASport Publishing.
  • Publication of the 1992 Global Connector – International Directory of T & D resources and companies.
  • Persona consulting Indonesia established. 
  • Persona’s Sausalito Office welcomed a group of Training officers from major Korean firms accompanied by Dr. Johnny Chung of Persona Korea. 
  • New Persona Licensees in Norway and Australia
  • A Set of follow-up tools and reinforcers were developed to as a support system for the Persuasive Communicator 
  • Persona launched a new , simplified version of the Creative Decision Making Series for front line managers
  • “Thinking Styles” was presented for the first time in Malaysia in a one-day public workshop at the Banker’s club in Kuala Lampur.


  • Persona Asia opens a branch in Bangkok Thailand headed by Thomas Frisbie.
  • First Asian Conference in Bangkok, Thailand.
    - Launch of Getting Preferential Treatment (GPT) methodology, authored by Bob Parker.
    - Launch of Managing First Class Service methodology, authored by Dr. Martin Wikoff.
  • Dr. Jeffery J. McDowell with Applied Communication Technology (ACT), validates the Communications Social Styles Model.


  • International Conference in Sausalito, California.
    - Launch of Thinking Styles methodology, authored by Dr. Bramson.
    - Launch of Gameplan Single User Diskette, enabling individual and continuous use of the Gameplan methodology.
  • Ellen Mischke joins the Persona Team to lead the Global Connector Project.
  • Korean partner joins the licensing network.
  • Pan-European Conference in London, UK.
    - Exchange Marketing experience.
    - Review worldwide competitive scene.


  • Persona Headquarters moves to Sausalito, California in the San Francisco Bay area.
  • Pan-European Conference in Vienna, Austria.
    - Focus on consolidating the European network through cross-fertilization and knowledge sharing.
  • New licensee established in the U.K.
  • Communications workshop at the Management Center Europe, European Headquarters, for The American Management Association.


  • International Conference in Orlando, Florida.
    - Launch of Getting Preferential Treatment methodology, authored by Bob Parker.
    - Launch of “Chronos” – Strategic Time Management methodology, authored by Felix Lehani.
  • Launch of the Gameplan diskette, enabling individuals to load the profiling software on their PC's.
  • First Pan-European Conference in Paris, France.
    - Review of potential development of Pan-European projects.


  • SANNO Management Institute, Japan, under the leadership of Takashi Lida establishes licensee with Persona.
  • New Licensees established in Switzerland and Italy.


  • International Conference In Brussels, Belgium.
    - Launch of Performance Systems Profile (PSP), methodology, authored by Dr. Martin Wikoff.
    - Launch of Consultant methodology, authored by Dan Tagliere.
  • Asia-Pacific network initiated in Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Al Marino of Las Vegas, joins the licensee network.


  • First International Conference held in Chicago, IL.
    - Launch of Managing Performance Methodology and Sales Manager Assistant (SMA) methodology, authored by Dr. Martin Wikoff Ph.D.
    - Launch of Creative Decision Making (CDM) methodology authored by Jon Gornstein.
  • Licensee established in Austria, and Brazil.
  • In addition to his function as European Director, Felix Lehiani becomes licensee for Benelux - Communication workshops contracted for Philips Electronics, IBM’s European Education Centerin La Hulpe, Brussels.
  • Licensee established in Austria, Brazil, Finland and the U.K.


  • First licensee established in France.
  • Established the first edition of the Gameplan Communication Profiling Software.


  • First licensee's established in Denmark and Spain.


  • First European Communications Workshop held in Holland.
  • Persuasive Communicator series written by Jon Gornstein; "How Others Perceive My Communication Styles" developed and validated by Dr. Donald Shepherd, pioneering the use of the personal computer to analyze behavioral feedback.


  • Persona is formally established as a US Corporation in Chicago, IL, founded by Jon Gornstein, October 28 1980.