What is Sales Project Pilot?

For sales representatives, independent sales representatives, and self-employed.

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Your objective is to generate sales orders - with the least effort possible. In the process — telephone calls, offers and price negotiations are a necessary means on the way to achieving your objectives. Your customers will decide to work with you if they trust you and if your offer meets their needs.

Use your valuable time to create a trusting relationship with all people involved in the purchasing process. Integrate their needs and emphasize added value and benefits in a targeted way. Compare the uniformly prepared information of your sales projects and focus on the best opportunities.

A sales book will provide you with many facts and ideas for your every-day work. However, you always have to transfer the contents of the book into practice before you can implement them.

What would you think of a tool which, from the beginning, supports you in your daily work? How about a checklist which ensures that you gather all sales related information on your current sales projects and that the type and scope of this information is comparable? What about a coach that gives you valuable advice as how to proceed? And, an analysis tool which evaluates the information you already have available?

The Sales Project Pilot will support you in exactly those fields. The tool consistently pursues the objective of reducing the hassle surrounding sales and increasing your rate of closed deals.

The web and tablet-based sales tool is based on the successful Selling method. You are introduced to this method by working on your current sales projects and you practice the method on which it is based on a daily basis.

You will become a partner who is on a level playing field with its customers. As long as this is possible on a win-win-basis, you will increase the benefit to your customer. - Global Pharmaceutical Company -


  • Reduce the hassles surrounding sales and increasing the focus on successful sales projects.
  • Become a trustworthy and respected partner for your customers through a new approach
  • Collect sales-related information systematically and with the help of coaching suggestions
  • Make success-oriented decisions based on uniformly prepared and evaluated information


Using the sales project pilot in your team will facilitate communication regarding your individual projects. Additional coaching and training will help you gain a deeper understanding of the Sellingo method and will help you utilize all aspects in a way that will be beneficial to you.

Selling Method and Sales Project Pilot


Aimed at reducing the hassle surrounding sales and at increasing the focus on successful sales projects. There are numerous reasons why sales processes might falter or fail. It is important to determine these key factors swiftly and to react according to the situation.


Adopt a new attitude to be on a level playing field with your customers and to naturally ask the qualifying questions on the decisive qualifying criteria. You want to easily convince your customer to work with you.


Your gut feelings arise through unconsciously and holistically processing and assessing your perception, impressions and knowledge. Is this assessment based on all the decisive pieces of information? Systematically complete relevant facts, round off the picture, and make sure you are guided in the right direction. Heart and mind - hand in hand.


  • "Brilliant, finally a book I don't have to read, but which instead works with me."
  • "I enjoyed working with the tool from the first moment on and the success is noticeable."
  • "This is a method that cleverly combines the different relevant factors of the sales process."