New Programs For International Conference in NYC 2017

Sep 02, 2017

Are you ready for Persona GLOBAL's International Conference in New York City, September 2-3, 2017? Be prepared, because we will bring some new products to the table!

This year Persona GLOBAL is going to introduce some new programs to the conference. These programs are:

NeuroView is a leadership assessment that leverages neuroscience to show leaders what to do more, less, or differently to create a high-trust culture within their team, which has been scientifically shown to improve effectiveness and their team's performance. Through 13 years of field and lab research, trust has been identified as the factor that distinguishes between high-performance and low-performance cultures. A key hormone called Oxytocin has been directly linked to promote collaboration, cooperation, and team effectiveness. The NeuroView report shows leaders exactly where they stand on each factor and offers recommendations for leadership effectiveness.
"Great with a direct connection between training and/workshops/seminars and goals for the entire organization."



SIMTalent and SIMSales simulations focus on buiding ready-made or tailor-made business simulations that can be adapted to match every organizational learning goals and to adapt to specific business reality.
SIMTalent  - provides learning and solutions to attract and retain high performers, as well as to win the race for talent and propel performance.
"How do I maximize the use of my resources (time, sales support, conditions)?"
"How can I contribute to optimize the turnover, reputation and stability?"

SIMSales - provides learning and solutions to maximize the use of organizational's resources (time, sales support, and conditions) and optimize the turnover, reputation, and stability.
"How can we attract and retain high performers?"
"How can we win the race for talent and propel performance?"

For more information about these new programs, contact us at: