What is Selling Your Technological Solutions?

Gaining Acceptance for New Ideas

How many times, after giving a technological presentation have you felt frustrated by the resistance to new ideas and thought, “They just don’t get it”? And how many times have you presented the solution to a problem, or an understanding of opportunities, but lacked the ability to communicate your conviction and influence your audience to follow through?

Innovative action is a decision made by people, and people act and react differently in accordance with their needs. When a presenter can identify and respond to those needs, the audience is more receptive to suggestions, recommendations, and proposals.

This program focuses on helping you develop the interpersonal communication skills and ability to make effective presentations that reach your audience, no matter their level of technological understanding or resistance to new ideas.

As technology takes an increasingly prominent position in all branches of industry, companies need to encourage their people to:

  • Position themselves as problem solvers to help others overcome their natural resistance to new ideas.
  • Transform new ideas into a workable reality.
  • Share ideas with others.

Workshop Features & Benefits

  • Stimulates understanding and acceptance of new technologies.
  • Enables participants to generate and sell technical solutions.
  • Gives technical people the skills to communicate effectively with non-technical decision-makers and end-users.
  • Enables participants to use their new skills to prepare for a real-life business presentation.