Improve Your Emotional Capability through One-Day Workshop in New York

Aug 01, 2017

Emotional Capability Workshop
39th Persona GLOBAL International Conference


Emotional Capability is the Key Differentiator between Average Performance and Superior Performance

Many people rely on their experience, skills and technical knowledge to reach an expected level of performance. However, the key to achieving current and future success above expectation lies in enhancing a person's emotional capability - that skill of managing their thoughts, emotions and actions, and the relationships they have with others.

The Emotional Capability Profile ...

is a 360° diagnostic tool that delivers feedback on the degree of emotional capability of an individual as perceived by themselves and those around them. It indicates strengths and development areas together with personalised recommendations.


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How it Works

Through providing specific feedback individuals are able to recognise and harness their strengths as well as develop skills that will improve their emotional capability leading to enhanced performance and career options. They also participate in a one day workshop to put their new skills into practise in a safe enviornment. 

Steps in the Emotional Capability Profile Process


1. Personal Online Survey Questionnaire
2. Feedback Report

Individual Benefits

  • Strengths-based feedback to support development towards mastery
  • Practical actions that can be practised on the job
  • Practise skills in a safe environment
  • Increased emotional capability enhances non-work family and personal interactions

Organization Benefits

  • Raising levels of emotional capability across the organisation enhances individual and organisational success
  • Ability to track results over time
  • A tool to assist with organisation development, leadership development, engagement and culture change


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