What is Management Action Profile™?

Management Action Profile™ (MAP) is a performance-based, innovative, 360-degree feedback instrument specifically designed for measuring the performance of managers in key practice areas crucial to managerial success and team effectiveness. Its management model and practices are based on extensive field research in areas of personnel training, managerial coaching, and change management.

MAP has been developed around three basic principles: performance measurement, universal application, and pragmatic recommendations. Unlike other competing theories in the management consulting and human resources communities, MAP adopts a performance-based approach to evaluating management, focuses on observable performance variables that affect personnel management, and ends up with specific, proactive recommendations that could lead to immediate improvement in management practices. Much emphasis has been on managers' people skills in the work place, e.g. how they interact with their team members, supervisors, and in-house client and suppliers to get the job done.

MAP is a reliable and valid survey instrument that has gone through extensive empirical and qualitative research that dates back to the late 1980's. Since its inception, MAP has been used in a wide range of training and consulting initiatives by organizations of different sizes in a variety of industries. It has been mainly used as a framework for management coaching, and allows consultants and managers to analyze specific real-life situations in quantitative terms. It has also proved to be a good supplement for more traditional management training programs.

MAP Benefits for Management Professionals

ANALYTICAL. MAP uses well-developed questionnaires and surveys that effectively measure a manager's performance in quantitative terms, making it easy to pinpoint areas for improvement.

COMPREHENSIVE. MAP adopts a 360-degree approach to evaluating a manager's behaviors in eight key areas of management performance.

EASY-TO-ADMINISTER. MAP uses a proprietary, cutting-edge computer program to analyze survey data and generate detailed reports.

PERFORMANCE-BASED. MAP focuses solely on human behaviors that are observable and crucial to managers' job performance.

RESULT-ORIENTED. MAP focuses on key areas of performance vital to boosting management success and team effectiveness.

TESTED AND PROVEN. MAP has been widely adopted as a management evaluation and coaching tool across various industries in different countries.

WELL DEVELOPED. MAP is based on and supported by over a decade of empirical and statistical research by top management consulting and coaching experts.

MAP Enables Client Companies to:

  • Get a quick and clear "snap-shot" of their managers' job performance that can serve as a starting point for customized coaching program's based on their specific needs.
  • Make their managers aware of the weaknesses in their current management practices so that actions can be taken to improve job performance.
  • Motivate and re-energize their managers by offering them a 360-degree perspective of their managerial behaviors, enabling them to improve their leadership skills and fight job stagnation.
  • Provide personalized coaching to managers based on performance data collected using the survey instrument.
  • Build a channel of communication between the managers and other members of the organization at various levels.
  • Form a consensus within the organization about expected managerial behaviors and steps to be taken to achieve them.
  • Focus on observable performance factors that can drastically improve managers' job performance.

Unique Value Proposition for Consultants

  • MAP CERTIFICATION. MAP certificates will be granted to consultants upon successful completion of training.
  • COMPLETE CERTIFICATION DELIVERABLES. Consultants applying for MAP certification will receive an information package containing all support materials.
  • GLOBAL REACH. MAP has been adapted to different cultures and is available in several languages.
  • UNIVERSALITY. MAP addresses the common human issues and universal challenges facing all managers across various industries around the globe.
  • REPEATABLE. Benchmarking capability enables periodic re-application and performance improvement tracking.

Key Function:

360-degree feedback instrument measuring the crucial elements of managerial performance.


8 key practice areas related to managerial performance of each manager:

  • Leadership
  • Personal org. abilities
  • Information and communication
  • Power and authority
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Interdepartmental cooperation
  • Development of potential and competencies
  • Team cooperation and motivation



Research-based (3 years) with KPMG.
A quick and clear report of how your managers are performing at any time. A tool for optimizing company's managerial training resources. A way to track results of coaching given by managers.


Quick and clear snap shot of how managers are performing at any time.
Benchmark of current managerial performance in relation to the unit they manage.
Analysis for determining how best to personalize training for each manager.
Objective measurement of changes in managerial performance.
Tool for optimizing company's managerial training resources.
Way to track the results of coaching given by managers.


Questionnaires are distributed to each manager, direct associates, superiors and peers. An overall picture of the team's current state of professional maturity is generated.


Allows industry and internal benchmarking and progress tracking.


Actionable recommendations to achieve greater managerial fluency, tailored to each manager's responses.