What is Leadership®?

Leadership® (LE) is a comprehensive assessment, feedback, and workshop methodology that focuses on performance-based leadership. Unlike most leadership programs that focus on the individual's personality traits, LE centers on the business needs of the company and the work needs of the individual manager. It focuses on performance rather than personality, on doing rather than what leaders are like.

Through interactive feedback in 6 key leadership practice areas, managers acquire the Performance LE tools they need to affect maximum performance now, and the Change LE tools necessary to prepare people for the future.

In researching the methodology for LE, it became evident that many companies do not have a clear leadership model, nor have they effectively communicated a leadership vision to employees. LE answers these needs by providing participants with a simple, yet powerful, three-pronged approach to leadership — a model that is universally applicable and can be easily communicated to all employees in an organization.

The Persona's LE methodology model consists of:

  • DIRECTION. Provides a common goal and vision for employees,
  • MOTIVATION. Gives employees a reason for doing the work, and,
  • GUIDANCE. Helps employees to stay on the right track.

LE uses this model as the framework for providing managers' strengths with development in six practice areas: Goals, Vision (Direction), Recognition/Rewards, Expectations/Initiative (Motivation), and Coaching and Modeling (Guidance).


As a Management Group:

  • Identify key organizational issues and actions
  • Develop shared understandings, experiences
  • Strengthen organizational network

As Individuals:

  • Strengthen ability to effectively use Leadership practices
  • Develop personal action plans

Methodologies in Practice

In the assessment phase of LE, subordinates are asked to answer a questionnaire designed to measure managers' skills in the six practice areas. LE analyzes this data and provides the manager with actionable feedback - things managers can do to immediately improve their own performance and the performance of their respective departments.

Organizational Alignment Survey is a significant added value of the LE methodology. The program creatively structures the workshop segment as both a "management meeting" and a training and development session. This dual structure enables managers from cross-functional areas to use the feedback as a starting point for discussion and achieving consensus on the best leadership practices for their respective departments, and for the company at large.

Online Survey Questionnaire

Manager distributes a Leadership Survey Questionnaire to a minimum of 3 people (maximum 15 people) who he/she manages or supervises. This survey questionnaire will measure the manager’s skills in the six practice areas of Leadership. (Please note more respondents will produce a more accurate feedback)

Key Feedback Features

Performance-based - subordinate's perception on participant's leadership:

  • Direction - goals & vision
  • Motivation - reward/ recognition, expectation & initiative
  • Guidance - coaching & modeling
  • Average rating
  • Rating by each practice
  • Weak areas with action steps - ideas on how to strengthen participant's leadership

Core Workshop Features (2 days)

  • Organizational Alignment
  • Team Identification
  • Managing for the future
  • Performance Leadership & Change Leadership
  • Providing Direction through Goals
  • Direction Feedback
  • Goals Feedback
  • Providing Direction through Vision
  • Group Visions
  • Vision Feedback
  • Motivation Feedback
  • Group Discussions
  • Communications Review
  • Coaching Discussion
  • Modeling
  • Guidance Feedback
  • Individual Action Planning


  • Comprehensive framework for leader's and manager's role
  • Identify personal strengths as a leader and manager
  • Ideas on how to strengthen participant's leadership
  • Increased skill and knowledge in providing clear direction, motivation and guidance
  • A foundation for building stronger working relationships
  • Practical action plans at work to strengthen participant's leadership and management effectiveness