ValueView® opens a new, revolutionary perspective for HR Management

ValueView® method is first in the world to specialize in tasks' and positions' profitability assessment using the social network technology. ValueView® is much more than just a computerized tool. It’s a key element of an emerging, innovative idea of self-management and self-control within the modern economy.

Regardless of the organization of work, from 10% to 30% of tasks, jobs and processes performed within any organization are below the threshold of profitability. Thanks to ValueView®, an innovative tool and method for measuring the profitability it is possible to:

  • Reduce the amount of unnecessary work and free up to 20% of personnel’s time
  • Make ones people take care of what is really matters and is needed in ones business
  • Improve one’s organization’s work efficiency; it will make people believe in what they do
  • Make ones business more profitable quickly and at no additional cost!

The ValueView® survey is simple and is not a burden for participants. It enables measurement of the value of any tasks carried out in the organization, including those without a direct impact on performance. ValueView® provides precise and measurable data. Measuring is based on a comparison of the supply of work in terms of a particular task with the demand that the organization generate for such task. ValueView® analyses the parameters of each of the measured tasks, including its importance and sufficiency from the viewpoint of beneficiaries. The quantitative results of the survey will indicate the unprofitable tasks which can be reduced to save resources and highly-profitable tasks which should be invested in and developed.

ValueView® supports Teal self-management practices that helps employees to improve their performance on their own! It tells each employee which of his or her current tasks are required by the organization and which may be gradually eliminated. Triggered by this information, employees and their managers can carry out changes in work processes with benefits for the company. ValueView® activates self-calibration mechanism and enables employee self-assessment process – modern, business-oriented and simple!

The ValueView® offers a wide spectrum of business applications:

  • Performance Management
  • Optimization of the organizational structure
  • Measuring the value of “unmeasurable” tasks
  • Job Modelling and Evaluation
  • Employee engagement and self-control system
  • Participative management, self -managing organizations

ValueView® is implemented in:
4 key stages