Persona Global in Asia

Oct 03, 2017

Jon Gornstein, the president of Persona GLOBAL just came back from a series of trip to Asian countries. This time, he started the trip by conducting the Persuasive Communicator® workshop for Volkswagen executives in Beijing, China organized by First Priority Consulting. He then continued on by meeting a potential partner in China and existing partners in China, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore who have been affiliated for number of years. Here are some images taken during his visits. 

Jon is conducting workshop at Volkswagen in Beijing, China

Meeting X-Talent team, a potential partner in Beijing, China

Annie Chen and Jessica Yan from PG China in Shanghai, China

A meeting with Jane Ding (two from the left) and her assistant (far left) and Anni Chen (PG China) in Shanghai

Dinner meeting with Apiwut, Saranpas, and Mantana from Slingshot Group in Bangkok, Thailand

A dinner meeting with Quest Learning team in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

In front of a Dirty Duck Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia with Nani Subarto and Wahyu Hidayat from PG Indonesia

A long time PG partner - Lye Chan Lam and Swee Tiong in Singapore

Paul Stewart from PG Singapore