What is Transition to Management?

Essential Skills for the Newly Appointed Manager

Many new managers, when placed in a position of authority over former peers, need to know how to handle this unfamiliar situation. They need to learn how to recognize the various work styles of those they manage in order to tailor their leadership approach accordingly. Persona GLOBAL®, Inc.’s Transition to Management workshop gives them the skills necessary to fulfill their new responsibilities with confidence.

The Manager as a Leader

Employees only produce quality work and give excellent service when they are inspired to do so through effective leadership. While effective managers keep the system on an even keel and headed in the right direction, effective leaders provide the dynamics to make new things happen.

Effective Leaders...

  • Have a vision of where they are going— of what they are going to achieve.
  • Are not just dreamers; they have a plan of how to turn their vision into achievable goals and objectives.
  • Communicate their plans in a way that generates enthusiasm so people can share their vision.
  • Create a climate of trust, which encourages openness, willingness to change, and commitment to the plan.
  • Show persistence in seeing their plans through to completion. They get things done!