What is Sales Competency Assessment™?

Sales Competency Assessment™ (SCA) is a unique survey and coaching tool specifically designed for professional development of sales professionals across various industries. SCA focuses on the processes, techniques, and behaviors critical to successful sales performance, and provides a powerful, practical, comprehensive, and easy-to-administer survey instrument that evaluates a salesperson's core competencies at every phase of the sales cycle.

Based on extensive research by top industry experts using a statistical approach, SCA quantitatively measures the skills and competencies of sales professionals in 13 key areas critical to their job performance, and enables managers to focus on crucial factors that affect sales results so as to improve or optimize the existing skills and competencies of their sales team. The multi-rater approach ensures the accuracy and objectivity of the survey results.

SCA enables sales managers to pinpoint each salesperson's strengths and weaknesses, and therefore provide personalized coaching and mentoring based on his/her specific needs. By allowing managers and salespeople to share their perceptions about key sales factors, SCA provides a system that fosters mutual understanding and support within a sales organization that is crucial to building a strong sales team.

SCA Benefits for Sales Professionals

ACCURATE AND OBJECTIVE. SCA adopts a multi-rater approach to evaluating an individual's knowledge and competency in 13 key areas of sales performance.

COMPREHENSIVE. SCA identifies 13 vital areas of sales competencies that span the entire sales cycle.

DIAGNOSTIC. SCA uses well-developed questionnaires that effectively measure a salesperson's strengths and weaknesses, making it easy to pinpoint areas for improvement.

EASY-TO-ADMINISTER. SCA uses a proprietary, cutting-edge computer program to analyze survey data and generate detailed reports.

FOCUS ON HUMAN FACTORS. SCA focuses on the human behaviors that directly affect sales results.

RESULT-ORIENTED. SCA focuses on key areas of skills and competencies vital to boosting sales results.

TESTED AND PROVEN. SCA has been widely accepted as sales evaluation and training tool across various industries and cultures.

WELL DEVELOPED. SCA is based on and supported by decades of extensive research by top industry experts.

SCA Enables Client Companies to

  • Access the professional knowledge and competencies of their sales force.
  • Measure the results of training programs that are already in place.
  • Analyze and identify the training needs of their sales force.
  • Provide personalized coaching to salespeople based on their level of skills and competencies.
  • Facilitate constructive communication between management and salespeople to avoid or eliminate subjective evaluations.
  • Form a consensus within the organization about sales goals and objectives and steps to be taken to achieve them.
  • Focus on observable performance factors that can improve or optimize the existing skills and competencies of their sales force.

Unique Value Proposition for Consultants

  • SCA CERTIFICATION. SCA certificates will be granted to consultants upon successful completion of training.
  • COMPLETE CERTIFICATION DELIVERABLES. Consultants applying for SCA certification will receive an information package containing all support materials.
  • GLOBAL REACH. SCA has been adapted to different cultures and is available in multiple languages.
  • UNIVERSALITY. SCA addresses the common issues and universal challenge facing all sales professionals across various industries around the globe.
  • REPEATABLE. SCA can measure changes in sales behaviors.

Key Function

Multi-rater approach to examining the knowledge and competency of a sales force - targeted sales training to enhance sales performance.


13 key sales performance indicators:

  • Knowledge of business/ industry
  • Sales approach and procedures
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Listening skills
  • Productivity
  • Organization
  • Initiation of Contact
  • Preparation
  • Closing the sale
  • Negotiation
  • Handling objections
  • Needs analysis
  • Presentation of the Product/Service Line


Based on continuous research and field testing w/ Xerox - evaluates the entire sales cycle and the principal performance factors used before, during or after the sales cycle.


  • More sales
  • Greater turnover
  • Increased profitability
  • A user-friendly tool for sales managers to coach their sales force
  • Targeted sales training to enhance sales performance


Quick, accurate, comprehensive evaluation of sales performance