What is Successful Negotiator?

The Successful Negotiator is a two-day, highly interactive skill building training workshop for gaining cooperation and negotiating more robust agreements.

Successful Negotiator gives managers an easy to use proven system for influencing and negotiating with people...especially "difficult" negotiators.

Based on Persona GLOBAL's proprietary Communication Styles, Trust Building, Cooperation and Negotiator methodologies, delegates learn how to build sustained long term win/win business relationships based on trust.

During Day One managers receive feedback on how business associates perceive their natural Communications Style on influencing others, ability to project Empathy and interpersonal Flexibility level, all the essential elements of effective communication. This input leads to an individually tailored Action Plan for each manager to improve his/her ability to build trust, influence others and negotiate effectively.

Day Two of the workshop provides managers with tools on how to approach the systematic negotiation process in order to learn how to get behind Positions to the actual Needs of the other party in a negotiation situation. Managers have the opportunity to learn and practice skills critical to working effectively within and across functional boundaries, as well as external parties. They learn where they stand in relation to Risk and Trust...and how this affects their ability to negotiate sustainable results built on trust.

Managers will also gain useful insight with their Advice Feedback into the ways they are perceived by people they negotiate with. These people are selected by each manager to complete a survey prior to the workshop. From the feedback, managers are given developmental guidance outlined in set of specific practices and skills to help them to enhance their abilities to be successful negotiators.

Successful Negotiator has been proven to be one of the world's most effective training program on communication, influencing and negotiating skills. More than one million people in 71 countries have attended this skill building workshop. The Successful Negotiator is available in 38 languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Korean, Thai, and Bahasa to name a few.

Successful Negotiator Benefits for the Participant

  • ACTIONABLE. Emphasis is on acquiring immediately usable skills rather than learning theory.
  • EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE. A simple practical methodology based on existing personal and work experience.
  • LONG-TERM BENEFIT. Delegates can receive an exclusive, unique, free Apple iPad application on line via the Apple Store for profiling those they need to influence after the workshop.
  • MULTI-PURPOSE. Skills are effective in both business and personal settings.
  • TAILORED PROGRAMMING. The Gameplanning Software can be integrated to incorporate the benefits of a company's specific products and
  • THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION. Reports and guides give complete feedback and information.
  • UNIVERSAL TRUTHS. Principles and skills learned are applicable in all cultures. The Successful Negotiator is available in more than 71 countries.
  • WORK RELATED. Participants address real-life influencing and negotiation challenges by developing an actionable plan during the workshop to communicate more effectively with a specific individual at work.

What You Will Experience and Achieve:

  • Communication Style
  • Trust & Empathy
  • Change and Defensiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Negotiation Process
  • Negotiating Outcomes While Building Quality Relationships
  • Understanding and Building the Business Relationship
  • Building Confidence
  • Understanding the Needs of Others in the Relationship
  • Developing Confidence in the Relationship
  • Negotiating Change in Complex Business Organizations
  • Action & Improvement Planning