What is Organizational Savvy?

Leaders of companies claim politics isn't important or doesn't exist. Yet, every day, results and careers in organizations suffer from power plays, inflated egos, turf battles, hidden personal agendas, deception, and bad mouthing. Successful leaders know how to manage organizational politics and use it to their benefit. This workshop adjusts attitudes about power and politics, confronts naiveté about organizational dynamics, and provides practical strategies for building organizational impact with integrity (e.g., ethical lobbying, addressing hidden agendas, promoting yourself with integrity, respecting turf and ego, etc.). This session is designed to benefit those well-intentioned individuals whose lack of political skills leaves them vulnerable to being underestimated, sabotaged, and denied credit for their ideas and work.

Despite excellent skills, expertise, and intentions, many employees or managers become victims of behind-the-scenes political forces. Blind to hidden agenda and the power relationships behind company decisions, they may not build support for their ideas, gain the credit they deserve, or achieve career objectives.

Organizational Savvy adjusts attitudes about power and politics, confronts naiveté about organizational dynamics, and provides practical political skills for building organizational impact with integrity.

Benefits to Your Organization

  • Participants gain a more positive attitude toward politics—a fact of organizational life. Reducing complaints and resentment about this reality increases energy and productivity.
  • Functional areas are seen as strategic partners so that more project approvals occur.
  • Participants become more empowered and willing to network for interteam collaboration and cross organizational learning.
  • Helping people accept and manage organizational politics as a corporate fact of life reduces employee stress and attrition.
  • The practice of ethical politics ensures a more positive company reputation.

Political blind spots and organizational naiveté can result in:

  • Inability to sell ideas
  • Failure to receive appropriate credit for work
  • Missing your organization's hidden criteria for success
  • Being sabotaged by others
  • Being underestimated or pigeon-holed
  • Lacking a network of allies and advocates
  • A negative image within your company
  • Career stagnation or job loss

Learning Objectives

  • Detect and protect yourself from potentially negative actions of overly political, power-oriented colleagues, bosses, or customers.
  • Learn practical, non-manipulative strategies for entering the political arena while maintaining integrity (e.g., networking, promoting yourself, handling hidden agendas, lobbying ethically, managing the corporate "buzz," avoiding sabotage, building your power base).
  • Learn the primary political power styles in organizations, what influences them, and how to avoid the dangers of adopting the extreme of either style.
  • Defuse any emotional upset you have about politics as a fact of organizational life, so that you will waste less time and energy. Instead you'll become "street smart" and strategic.
  • Recognize any tip-offs that you may be naive about the level of politics you face.
  • Learn how to present your ideas or challenge others' ideas with appropriately firm vocabulary, and adjust your language according to the power dynamics of the situation.
  • Detect, prevent, and manage deception since even top leaders are vulnerable to distorted information, misrepresentation, and manipulation that can scorch company resources and reputations.
  • Learn to recognize and handle sabotage in group situations by deftly managing resistance and challenges to your credibility or position.
Organizational Savvy's Model



Feedback On:

  • Personal Integrity
  • Performance Integrity
  • Savvy Attitudes
  • Studies Politics
  • Knows the Corporate Buzz
  • Manages Perceptions
  • Essential Networking
  • Balanced Self-Promotion
  • Enhances Power Image
  • Savvy Communication
  • Ethical Lobbying
  • Handling Sabotage
  • Detects Deception

Workshop length:

2 days