What is Organizational Alignment Survey™?

Organizational Alignment Survey™ (OAS) surveys employees to discover how closely aligned a company is in 12 key areas that affect business results. Unlike typical surveys that merely report data, OAS provides knowledge as well. Its proprietary expert software system benchmarks a company's results against an extensive database of more than 400 "best-in-class" companies. OAS further analyzes a company's data and selects from 250 best-in-class practices to provide specific actionable advice on how to achieve closer alignment.

OAS is not a "climate survey," nor is it a traditional "customer satisfaction survey." The focus of OAS is internal, to align employees along the paths that correspond to organizational performance. Employees answer 60 questions, five in each of the 12 key areas. The data collected form the basis of the alignment assessment. Additionally, managers answer questions related to six key results areas, such as "meeting profit targets." This 13th dimension determines whether managers' perceptions of what is an important performance result are in alignment with actual corporate performance.

Using these data, OAS identifies the gap between performance and perception, and through statistical analysis, gives a company a very clear read on where weak alignment is preventing the company from being a peak performer.

Hundreds of major corporations have used OAS benchmark data results to create a department-by-department roadmap for achieving internal alignment with company strategy and external customer requirements.

OAS Competitive Benefits for Management and/or the Board of Directors

ACTIONABLE. Expert system software analyzes data and provides usable best-in-class tactics.

BEST-IN-CLASS COMPARISON. Companies can compare themselves to top performers, often in their own industry.

EASILY UNDERSTANDABLE. Quantifiable, easy-to-read results facilitate information sharing.

FAST FEEDBACK. Online or optical scanning of survey responses provides quick turnaround.

ONLINE ASSESSMENT CENTER. Internet access enables 24/7 usage of assessment tool.

RESULTS-DRIVEN DATA. Managers can discover whether their perceptions of the importance of six key performance results are in alignment with actual corporate performance.

SPECIFIC. Data can be stored by department or location to pinpoint areas of improvement.

THOROUGH DOCUMENTATION. A variety of graphs, charts, and statistical reports are available.

Companies Use OAS to:

  • Identify how company strategy can be turned into front-line performance.
  • Align company performance with customer needs.
  • Survey employee perceptions and opinions.
  • Strengthen brand delivery.
  • Benchmark performance.
  • Align employee performance with company mission and values.
  • Analyze training or consulting needs.
  • Encourage employee buy-in on organizational change.
  • Monitor change and progress over time.

Unique Value Proposition For Consultants and OD Practitioners

  • CERTIFICATION. Experienced trainers or consultants can complete OAS certification in one day.
  • EASY-TO-UNDERSTAND, SIMPLE-TO-ADMINISTER. Questionnaire saves time and effort.
  • FLEXIBLE. Trainer or consultant can add open-ended questions to address specific organizational concerns.
  • GLOBAL REACH. Online capability allows for data collection from anywhere via the Internet.
  • REPEATABLE. Benchmarking capability enables periodic re-application to chart progress.

Key Function:

Measure and manage quality improvement and customer service -- key to beat competitors.


12 dimensions of alignment and 13 business areas of result.

    • Market Focus
    • Differentiation
    • Sustaining Performance
    • Performance Tracking
    • Vision, Mission and Strategy
    • Culture
    • Leadership
    • Quality
    • People Policies
    • Climate
    • Standards and Procedures
    • Service


Research-based (5 years) assessment tools - can have everyone surveyed -- can measure improvement of same group over time.


Accurate, timely information for making relevant decisions in real time.
Comprehensive survey of employees' attitude - development for Total Quality initiatives.
Tracking study to monitor change and progress over time.
Benchmark study to compare with best-in-class competitors.
Trouble-shooting analysis.
Strategic tool to create a distinct company image.
Blue-print for eliminating areas of poor quality.


Concise, timely, user-friendly, proven, actionable - for making decision in REAL TIME. Results broken down by location, department, level and function.


Allows industry and internal benchmarking and progress tracking.