What is the I-Global Simulation?

The I-Merger simulation game gives people an experience of managing change and building support in one of the most complex change management situations - a cross-border merger. Many mergers and acquisitions fail to achieve the financial benefits originally forecast. This is often due to human and communication difficulties, as opposed to technical or financial problems.

Simulation in Practice

In the context of an international insurance merger, participants must plan, develop and implement an effective strategy to maximize both the financial value of the merger and the support for it from a diverse group of internal and external stakeholders. Participants are measured on the long term value of the merger, which is a combination of the financial impact of the decision taken and the degree of support for the merger they generate.

I-Merger Simulation Key Learning Outcomes

  • PROFILING and prioritizing stakeholders in the process;
  • DEVELOPING, using and adapting a communication strategy to gather and disseminate information;
  • UNDERSTANDING the rage of rational and non-rational factors that determine each person’s attitude;
  • USING THE UNFLUENCE NETWORK to build support for their initiatives;
  • UNDERSTANDING THE IMPACT of national and organizational culture on people’s attitudes and behaviors ; and
  • BALANCING the economic and fi nancial impact of a plan with its human implications and consequences.