What is The Carriers?

In today's world, where the only constant thing in life is change, humans are increasing important in business competition. In order for companies to remain efficient in a rapidly changing environment, the human factor must constantly be cultivated. 'The Carriers' simulation game models business in a game environment. Players acquire knowledge and skills that can easily be put to use afterward in real life. This game provides a high level of player involvement and an emotionally charged atmosphere which helps players to remember the conclusions long after the simulation.

'The Carriers' can be used...

  • As an effective opening session in a general training program
  • To improve multifunctional relationships between departments
  • For project teams to get acquainted and begin working together
  • As a "warm-up" prior to strategy sessions or other team events
  • As a team-building event during conferences and meetings for company employees, business partners, and clients

Benefits of the Training

  • Improved understanding of how business departments are interconnected
  • Enhanced skills in information analysis and decision making
  • Players come to understand and see in the game all the challenges of cross functional coordination and cooperation
  • Players come to understand the specifics of how ideas and economically substantiated innovations are promoted within the company
  • Players realize the importance of properly organizing and conducting meetings
  • Players acquire the tools for improving communication and solving cross functional problems
  • Players realize the importance of properly organizing and conducting meetings

Game Specifics and Goals

  • The game models 5 departments within one company
  • Due to geographic dispersal, there are limitations on communication between the departments
  • The team must fulfill a purchase order and ship the appropriate freight
  • To fulfill the order, the team must plan the optimum route and then lay out the route on the game field
  • To do this, the department employees have to promote ideas within the company as part of their functional tasks - they must also introduce innovations
  • The players confront failures of communication, lost information, cross functional resistance, and decisions that are never made
  • The success of freight deliver and fulfilled order relies on how well the team works together!
  • 4-8 hours of simulated play
  • 12-250 people can participate in the simulation
  • The simulation can be ordered as a staged event, or supplied for in-house use by the Client

Case Study - Building Interfunctional Communications

Build cross functional communications in a team of top managers. Switch from making decisions as a single authority to decision making as a managerial team. Move the team towards common goals and tasks instead of working alone in their areas of responsibility.

Stage a one-day event based on 'The Carriers' simulation game. Between the game's rounds, there would be problem solving and lessons on decision making within a managerial team.

During the course of the event, players altered their mindsets from working individually and independently to actively communicating with all departments. Players learned that in order to make management decisions, you need to have the complete picture and information from all departments involved in the work process. Furthermore, the players' drives and initiatives shown, depended on the tasks that were to be accomplished.

Benefits for the Company

  • Fewer losses caused by the lack of cross functional coordination
  • Improved personnel work performance and team creation
  • Greater personnel involvement and engagement with company activities and initiatives
  • Fewer conflicts between departments
  • Opportunity to bring company employees, business partners, and clients closer together in an entertaining game held in an informal atmosphere