Case Studies

Organizational and Customer Surveys
Type of Industry
12 Make-or-Break Customer Focused Areas Organizational Alignment Survey™
Building Excellence Brick by Brick Organizational Alignment Survey™ Direct Marketing
OAS Leads a Quality Initiative Organizational Alignment Survey™ Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals
Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals Organizational Alignment Survey™ Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals
What Clients Are Saying Organizational Alignment Survey™ HR Services
Statoil Gass Reduces Oil Leaks 80% Organizational Alignment Survey™ Oil And Petro/Chemicals
Top Companies Stay Aligned with an "Annual Health Check Organizational Alignment Survey™ Pharmaceutical; Entertainment; Insurance
ValueView® at SGB Bank SA, an innovative approach to measuring the profitability of positions and processes ValueView
Communication & Influencing Series
Type of Industry
Persuasive Communicator, Managing Performance and Innovative Decision Making, a Combined Approach The Persuasive Communicator® Computers/Electronics
Does Persona's Gameplan Software have an ROI? The Persuasive Communicator® Insurance/Investment
Academics Validate Persona Social Styles Model The Persuasive Communicator® Education
Alcatel Builds Market Share with Persona Selling Skills The Persuasive Communicator® Telecommunications
Cathay Pacific Airways Goes Beyond Selling The Persuasive Communicator® Transportation
Persona Model Boosts Sales—New Book Shows How The Persuasive Communicator® Retailer
Success Story: Improving Senior Managers’ Leadership Styles, Empathy and Flexibility Levels The Persuasive Communicator® Automotive Industry
Banco Santander Private Banking The Persuasive Communicator® Banking
Professional Presentation Live: Three Success Stories Professional Presentation 'Live'
ROI Case Study Beyond Coaching, Mentoring the Ultimate Manager Performance Enhancing Process
Leadership, Performance Managing, Teams, and Project Management Series
Type of Industry
Here's What Culture Change Looks Like Managing Performance®
10,000 Managers Measure Performance with Profile Managing Performance® Consumer Goods/Foods
Project Management 360° Case Study-OCP Project Management 360° Pharmaceutical/ Chemicals
Project Management 360° Case Study-Kraft Project Management 360° Consumer Goods/Foods
Management Action Profile in Action Management Action Profile™ Military
Persona Programs Develop Managers Management Action Profile™ Manufacturing/ Durable Goods
Using competencies and 360 feedback to transform Tate leadership by 2015 Inspiring Leader Breakthrough Art Gallery
The University of York: Delivering leadership excellence through 360 feedback Inspiring Leader Breakthrough Education
Persona Programs Develop Managers Leadership® Manufacturing/ Durable Goods
Effective Leadership for Performance Leadership® Automotive
200 Executives become Leadership Savvy Leadership® Finance
Yammer Opens Doors to Sales Opportunities with Storytelling Storytelling for Leaders Software
Sales Case Study: Broadening a Storytelling for Leaders Workshop into Consulting Storytelling for Leaders
Create Outstanding Performance with PRIDE PRIDE®: Front Line Management Office Equipment
Help Managers Commit to Quality PRIDE®: Front Line Management
Professional Development Series
Type of Industry
Emotional Capability and a Lasting Legacy Emotional Capability Local Authority
Persona Programs Develop Managers Professional Manager Manufacturing/ Durable Goods
Business Value Color Accounting
Strategic Approach Series
Type of Industry
Partnering for Success Partnering Water Utility
Two Years Later—Chevron's Supplier Partnership is Still Growing Cooperation and Beyond® Oil And Petro/Chemicals
Profitable Contractor Partnerships Cooperation and Beyond® Oil And Petro/Chemicals
Cooperation and Continuous Improvement Cooperation and Beyond® Construction
Sales & Management Series
Type of Industry
Sales Competency Assessment Before and After Approach Sales Competency Assessment™ Office Equipment
Build up Sales Forces Motivation and Competencies Sales Competency Assessment™ Consumer Goods/Foods
Cracking Sales Management Code: Client Case Study Cracking the Sales Management Code Manufacturing & Financial Services
Nutricia The Persuasive Salesperson Medical
Mitsubishi Motors The Persuasive Salesperson Automotive
Innovation & Succession Planning Series
Type of Industry
Training is Top Priority at Garuda Airlines Innovative Decision Making Transportation
An Example of PG Network Cooperation Talent Management Process Transportation