What is Professional Presentation 'Live'?

The Professional Presentation 'Live' program offers a uniquely effective, high tech solution that's unparalleled on the market. Over the course of the presentation that takes place in virtual reality, the presenter tries winning over the so-called live audience and convinces them about him- or herself and thus about his or her product or service.

After objectively gauging the individual knowledge level, the presentation skills are developed in a virtual space with the help of a solution that's without comparison across the globe. The system, based on a 360-degree projection technology, is partly controlled by a biofeedback system. The biofeedback solution means that the presenter's stress levels are continuously measured throughout the entire presentational program. In light of the measured values, the participants are taught how to prevent and handle stressful situations that often occur in various parts of the presentation.

Through the simple usage of the simulation system, areas that need to be developed can clearly be pinpointed. These can then be honed to perfection by the participant with the help of his or her instructor in front of a projected virtual audience, without any real risks, yet in a lifelike and realistic, reactive environment that can be modified as needed.


Professional Presentation 'Live' Program Structure:

  • Preliminary questionnaire is completed online, pointing out the areas that require development.
  • 1-2 days of class-room training are completed depending on the participants' knowledge and needs.
  • Training is followed by a 3 hour-long, individual simulation exercise in a virtual reality space partly directed by an entirely unique, biofeedback-based 360 degree projection technology.
  • Participant and the program leader jointly evaluate the performance he or she provided; particularly demanding situations and the relating actions that need to be taken are identified.
  • Based upon the experience, the participant's presentational knowledge is reinforced where necessary, which he or she can develop and turn into a skill in the course of a new simulation exercise.
  • Following the simulation, the participant receives a written analysis and a development plan along with the recordings.

"Our clients like Nestlé, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, Coca-Cola, Nissan, Volkswagen demand this kind of skills. They need to get our information our ideas very effectively, very briefly. In order to reach the same my team attended to a very professional program called Professional Presentation Live. We use this kind of skills in our daily life especially in tender presentations where 4, 5 or 6 advertising agencies are competing for one project. In order to reach the same I think my company uses these presentation skills every day and we are very happy that we attended to this kind of program."

Csaba Kollar, Client Service Director at Popgroup International Advertising Agency